About Us

Organisation’s Strength

  • Sound-vibrant and dynamic Managing committee
  • Dedicated experienced members and volunteers
  • Computer with skilled staff
  • Transparent computerized accounting system
  • Support of well-wishers like renowned lecturers, doctors, teachers & Professionals.

Main Objectives

  • To organize various programs for the overall development of society (viz. education, health, sanitation, social, economic and environmental)
  • To make policies and implement them for the overall development of women, child, old and adolescents.
  • Encourage sports and physical education.
  • To develop youngster’s interest towards moral values like national unity, art, culture, community development, togetherness, leadership, labor and respect.
  • Organize programs based on horticulture, water and natural resources.
  • To help and empower old, handicapped, widow and destitute people.
  • Promote and encourage modern and technical education.
  • Encourage and educate food processing industry.
  • Help in the eradication of bad practices in the society ( gender bias, child marriage, dowry, child labor, drug intake)
  • Work for cultural upgradation.
  • Social map preparation by involving local people
  • Technical development and promotion of traditional energy resources.
  • To aware for continuous development based on local resources.
  • To facilitate activities towards education, health awareness, agricultural technicalities and entrepreneurial skill within socio-economically margin communities.
  • To spread awareness among women with regards to their socio-economic and political rights while developing skill sets to provide empowerment.
  • To train youth about perspectives about social values, social service, self independence while funding for better livelihood options by utilizing local resources. 

Core Areas of Working

  1. Women Right and Empowerment
  2. Livelihood Protection & Promotion Programs
  3. Community Health Education & AIDS Programs
  4. Child Prevention & Development Programs
  5. Self-Help Group (SHG) Promotion & Nurturing
  6. Awareness on Health Issues & Agriculture
  7. Pure Drinking Water Supply and Prevention Program
  8. Sanitation Awareness Program
  9. Micro Finance Management
  10. Farmers Right and Development Program
  11. Environment and Water Conservation
  12. Economic Education and Rural Development Planning etc.


Important Links:

FCRA Quarterly Declaration (01Jan to 31March 2016)

Legal Status of the organization



Operational areas

All India but presently working in

  • Haridwar (Uttarakhand)
  • Dehradun (Uttarakhand)
  • Udham Singh Nagar (Uttarakhand)
  • Pauri Gharwal, (Uttarakhand)
  • Bijnor (U.P.)


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