Vision To provide the opportunity to the peoples for the betterment of livelihood and equity of the society.


Mission To organise and empower the social, economically backward, neglected, exploited, weak and deprived people of society.


Adarsh Yuva Samiti  is  a  non-governmental  organisation  (NGO)  established  in the  year  1997  for  the  benefit  of  mankind  especially for the  economically and  socially  backward  rural  people.

It’s been a long road for Adarsh Yuva Samiti since 1997 when an informal group of young people came together voluntarily to fight against social injustice and improve quality of life in and around Haridwar and initiated youth led activities with an idea of developing the socio-economic backbone of the community. In the process it initiated activities by facilitating issues primarily concerning education and empowerment of women among the socio-economically weaker sections.

With no financial assistant, AYUS went to interfere and initiate things just for its own learning among the poor communities of Bahadrabad and Laksar block. Over the period, the Samiti perceived and experienced various issues like education, health, sanitation, environment, cultural practices, traditional knowledge, concept of development especially in reference to rural communities and almost everything that has some impact on community’s behavior.

AYUS is working with support from State government’s Programms like SWAJAL, NABARD. It has also been recognized by DRDA Haridwar, Uttarakhand State AIDS Control Society Dehradun, and RUDSETI PNB.


Operational areas

All India but presently working in

  • Haridwar (Uttarakhand)
  • Dehradun (Uttarakhand)
  • Udham Singh Nagar (Uttarakhand)
  • Pauri Gharwal, (Uttarakhand)
  • Bijnor (U.P.)


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